The portable and lightweight AeroPress brews a sweet, full-bodied cup wherever you are: at home, camping or on a road trip. This particular method is best when you’re out exploring the world or if you don’t have a scale.

What you will need

Bean to cup 5 Minutes
What you need
AeroPress brewer
AeroPress filter
1 AeroPress Scoop (17g or 2 ½ Tablespoons) of coffee
Hot water just off the boil (about 190°F)
AeroPress paddle or spoon

1. Measure and grind

Measure and grind 23-28g of coffee — Grind the coffee about as fine as table salt.

2. Prep the AeroPress

Get the AeroPress ready to brew by placing the filter in the basket. Next, preheat the brewer and rinse the filter with hot water. Heat up your mug with hot water while you’re at it.

3. Add coffee

Discard the rinse water from your mug. Place Plunder into the chamber and set AeroPress upside down. If it’s handy, use the funnel (or coffee loader) that comes with the AeroPress to add 17g of coffee. Then, remove the funnel.

4. Add water

In circular motion add 150g/ml (just off the boil or about 190°F) into your brewer. Saturate all the grounds within 10 seconds.

5. The press

Quickly twist on filter lid and flip onto your mug, gently press down with steady pressure, stopping as soon as you hear a hissing sound. This entire brew process should take just under two minutes and yield seven to eight ounces of coffee.

6. Add more water & enjoy!

Top off your brew with another 150g/ml of water